• December 16, 2018
  • Notice of Secretary election investigation and certification
    Updated On: Dec 30, 2017

    On Dec 10th 2017 a complaint was filed with the election committee alleging that there was potential for voting tampering and improper campaigning by an Executive Board member during the Secretary election.

    After thorough review of the Federal labor laws, CWA Constitution, Local By-laws, election data, and investigation notes the committee found no evidence that the vote was tampered in anyway and that all proper safeguards are in place for an electronic election. That Wesley Kirby support and/or campaigning for Ken Gritt as a candidate did not violate any Federal election rules, the CWA Constitution, or Local By-laws and there was no evidence of improper campaigning.

    The LRMD Act of 1959 and the CWA Constitution state that every member has the right to support candidates of his or her choice (including verbalizing their opinions of a candidate) and no member may be subjected to penalty, discipline, or improper interference or reprisal of any kind by the union or any of it's members for said support.

    All allegation related to the election have been resolved by the committee and a report will be issued on 1/5/2018 to the Executive board.

    As of 12/28/2017, the Election committee has certified the election and Ken Gritt has been elected as Secretary.

    All notifications of the above, including the process for appeal, have been communicated to all respective parties in this investigation by the Election Committee Chair Terry Redmond on 12/29/2017.  

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