• January 21, 2020

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Below is some link to videos that explain how the bargaining process works.

    Collective Bargaining Process Overview

  • Complaint Form

    The purpose of these appeal procedures is to provide reasonable regulations for the consideration and review of complaints of members regarding actions of the Union or Local, or Union or Local Officers or governing bodies, which are alleged to be in violation of the Union Constitution, Local Bylaws, rights and privileges of members.  These procedures are not available to challenge a Local’s decision on membership eligibility.


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    Violation Date:
    The violation must have occurred within the last 60 days per the constitution to be addressed. 
    Check which box is the type of action

    Click Here with who it applies:

    Allegation of the facts on which the complaint or charge is based, including all dates, witness, or any applicable articles of the Constitution or By-laws violated.

    Remedy sought? Must be specific.

    Acknowledgement By clicking "Submit" below, you declare, to the best of your knowledge and belief, the information herin is true, correct, and complete and that any misrepresentation or false statements made by you can be held in violation of Article XIX of the CWA Constitution and Article XVI of the local by-laws and I understand that my complaint is not officially on the docket until I have sworn and signed the complaint with the Secretary of the Local. 

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