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    Updated On: Sep 07, 2017

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

                    As most of you are aware the time for elections is approaching and this letter serves as official notification of important upcoming dates that will serve as deadlines for candidate nomination, campaigning, date in which ballots are due to be mailed back, and the date we will count the ballots to announce the new executive board. The positions which will be voted on are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Unit Representatives for both AT&T and Centurylink.

                    The first important date will be the General Membership Meeting on September 12th   at 8pm in Ocala. At this meeting candidate nominations will be accepted for the executive board positions. If you are unable to attend the meeting you may mail your request to us. The address will be available at the end of this letterl. In your signed letter requesting to be made a candidate you must include your full name, which position you seek candidacy nomination, and your current employer (Centurylink or AT&T). This information is required information regardless of whether you are requesting candidacy at the meeting, via mail, or via proxy. 

                    There are some requirements for someone to hold a leadership position as well as an additional requirement for someone to hold the treasurer position. To hold an executive board position, you must not be a convicted felon or have any convictions that involve theft, fraud, embezzlement, violence, arson, any narcotics violations, and bribery. This is based on federal guidelines. You must also have been a member of the local for the last 90 days which would mean you must have been a member prior to May 17th 2017 to run for an office in this election. Additionally, anyone requesting to hold the office of treasurer must pass a credit check with a minimum credit score of 660 according to the current FICO scoring system. If the score is lower due to medical bills you can request a waiver of this requirement. A vender for the credit check is being chosen at this time. If you want to run for treasurer and feel the credit check may be an issue you can email the committee at elections@cwa3176.org and discuss.

                    Candidates may campaign during the after announcing their candidacy at the September meeting and may continue to campaign through the 30th of October. If you have questions regarding what campaigning activities are acceptable you may contact the committee. October 2nd  is when all ballots will be mailed to all members. All ballots must be received by Wednesday November 8th. Ballots will be collected from the post office on that date and taken to the location where they will be counted. Make sure to mail your ballot in plenty of time so that it reaches our PO Box by that date. Ballots will be collected at !2:00PM on November 8th. The committee will be present to conduct the count. Each candidate may select a designee to observe the count. Candidates themselves will not be permitted to be present in the room where ballots are counted. Results of the election will be announced by 7pm via email and mass text message.

                    All questions regarding this election should be sent to the committee via email or US Mail so the question and answer become a matter of written record. We will not answer questions via phone or in person OTHER THAN AT THE MEMBERSHIP MEETING ON SEPTEMBER 12th.  Our email address is elections@cwa3176.org and our Address is:

    CWA 3176 Elections
    PO BOX 773817
    Ocala, FL 34477

                    Please keep in mind that voting is for members only and each ballot received will have its return address checked against the member database. Each ballot will contain a separate envelope with a stamp and label to send your ballot back to us. The small security envelope that holds the ballot will be unmarked and have no identifying information. Do NOT write your name on that security envelope or on your ballot. If you write ANY identifying information on the ballot or the security envelope your ballot will not be counted. The newly elected executive board will be sworn in at the membership meeting on November 14th in Leesburg.

                    We would like to encourage you all to take this opportunity to vote for the new board. Your voice is important to the continued success of our local. The important dates will be listed chronologically at the end of this letter. This letter will be sent via US Mail, CWA 3176 email blast, and posted on www.cwa3176.org. If your address is not correct with the local please make sure it is corrected prior to October 2nd.

                    Anyone who accepts a nomination and will be on the ballot must attend a mandatory conference call with the committee on October 2nd at 7pm. The dial in number and access code will be provided to you prior to that conference call.

    September 12th 2017 8pm – Nomination date for both mail in nominations and in person nominations at the Ocala General Membership Meeting held at the Shriners Club.

    September 12th thru October 30th – Campaigning period for all running for office.

    October 2nd – Ballots will be mailed to all members’ address on file.

    November 8th – All ballots must be received by this date. Ballots will be collected by the committee at 12:00pm and taken to the location where the count will be completed. Election results will be announced by 7pm.

    November 14th 8pm – New board will be sworn in during the membership meeting that will take place in Leesburg.



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